Sunday, August 19, 2007

who is next? the explanation

Maybe some of you are asking why have i entitled this blog site WHO'S NEXT? the answer is very simple. my challenge as a leader is to always ask the question WHO IS NEXT?

there have been so many churches and ministries that were once great and thriving but when a leader moves on, the whole church disintergrates. we need to make a commitment as leaders to raise up the younger generation.

raising the next generation need to be done PURPOSEFULLY. it has to be intentional. we need to think about it , strategize and impart emerging leaders. you may be a campus minister or a youth pastor in your 20's , dont say i will wait till i hit 40 before i ask the question who is next? ask it now!!!

look at your youth groups? your ministires ? your families? is youth a side issue? if it is , make it A MAIN ISSUE..


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